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A Brief Exploration of Sustainable Materials and Solutions  

November 20, 2023

As sustainable materials and solutions evolve every day, AVID is taking steps on a path with like-minded collaborators, towards a greener future. Our commitment to sustainability is a thoughtful and measured exploration, an acknowledgment of our responsibility as an audio technology company to contribute to a healthier planet.   Collaborative initiatives   In our pursuit of sustainable…

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The Transformative Journey of Employee Ownership at AVID

October 25, 2023

October is Employee Ownership Month and being an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP, has been a transformative journey for AVID. As a 100 percent employee-owned company, we knew it would bring significant changes, but the true impact on our culture surpassed our expectations. In this blog, we will explore the positive influence of ESOP…

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Audio Transcends: Sound and Enterprise

September 26, 2023

The power of sound is taking center stage in today’s rapidly evolving business world. As enterprises adapt to new modes of communication, employee training, and customer engagement, audio has emerged as a pivotal force driving productivity, cultivating international relations, enhancing customer experiences, and even shaping brand identities. In this blog, we delve into sound and…

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Little girl in headphones sitting on bed with her eyes closed

An Inside Look at Children’s Media

To get an inside look at children's media, we met with Senior Director of Development & Children’s Programming at Pinna, Amy Kraft. She is exactly what you'd think of when...

Invest in Our Planet: Celebrating Earth Day 2022

'Invest in our planet' is this years theme for Earth Day and no one may relate to this better than Steven Napoli, President & CEO of TERRA (The Electronic Reuse...
The Educational Epoch Change You Didn't Know Happened

Listen Now: The Educational Epoch Change You Didn’t Know Happened

A Recent Learning Transformation With the expanding variety of digital tools and curriculums at our fingertips, what exactly is the future of learning? While in parallel, how do we ensure...
The First Step in the AVID Learning Journey

The First Step in the AVID Learning Journey

At AVID, we believe learning is a part of everyday life that starts at an early age and we are here to provide headsets and headphones to enhance the learning...
AVID Partners with TERRA

AVID Partners with TERRA

AVID is proud to announce a partnership with TERRA and the Done with IT program to offer a no-cost recycling solution for communities across the country. AVID Partners with TERRA...
AVID Top Ten Memorable Moments of 2021

Top Ten Memorable Moments of 2021

A big part of the new year is reflection, and we are so grateful to be able to look back on our top ten memorable moments of 2021 with a...

Supporting Schools in Real Time

To provide the best support for schools, the AVID team is mindful of the needs of students and educators as we position our inventory to ensure availability of our award-winning...

AVID Participates in FocusCalm Workplace Wellness Experiment

The eight AVID employee-owners who participated in the experiment received a FocusCalm headband and access to the FocusCalm app. While wearing the headband, the AVID team used the daily tracker,...

AVID Recognized as Ten Best Innovative EdTech Companies to Watch by CIO Coverage

AVID is honored to be recognized as one of CIO Coverage Magazine's Ten Best Innovative EdTech Companies to watch in 2021. CIO Coverage defines this acclamation in their opening statement,...
Close up african serene woman closed eyes putting hands behind head resting leaned on comfortable couch enjoy fresh cool air at hot summer day in living room at home, no stress lazy weekend concept

Wellness in the AVID Workplace

After migrating to a primarily remote working environment in 2020 (with the help of our partners at Infused Innovations) AVID employee-owners stayed connected by embracing the technological tools available to...

Introducing the AE-75: The Next Step in the AVID Student Journey

At AVID, we are there for every step of the student journey. From the first day of school to graduation and beyond, we help to enhance the learning experience through our innovative mindful audio solutions. For...

Taking The Learning Experience to The Next Level

AVID releases the universal AE-75 communication headset AVID Products, a leader in mindful audio solutions and recently named one of the top 10 EdTech companies to watch by CIO Coverage,...

Learning Reimagined with Universal Clear Communication

AVID releases the essential audio solution for any learning environment AVID Products, a leader in value-based audio solutions designed for learning, has officially announced the release of their award-winning Universal...
A student learning by doing schoolwork at home using a computer.

What to Look For in Headphones for Learning and Working From Home

At AVID, we believe every form of learning requires clear communication to ensure student and educator success. With this in mind, we continue to develop headphones and headsets that feature important elements like...

Project Headphones: How a Small Idea Became a Big Support to Arlington Students

2020 has brought on a variety of new stresses for families, especially low- and moderate-income households. Children from these homes rely on school meals, after school care, as well as...

Why Being an ESOP Company is Essential to Who We Are

As the air becomes crisp and the leaves change to vibrant colors for another cycle of seasons in New England, October has an additional meaning for our team. This month is Employee Ownership Month, also known...

AVID MRI Safe Headphones Featured in Healthcare Business News MR Issue

We are honored to be a part of DOTmed's special MR Issue of Healthcare Business News. As the featured article, "A Better MR Experience," points out- patients undergoing MR procedures...
Pre-teen boy lying on sofa using laptop, dad sitting with tablet, mum and sister in the background

Connecting Students Across the Globe

AVID is proud of our channel partners and employee-owners for their commitment to the education market during these extraordinary times. We feel fortunate to report that by the end of...

AVID’s AE-55 Headsets Give Grand Rapids Area Schools a Boost

AVID's AE-55 headsets have been recognized by educators and students in Grand Rapids Area schools for durability, flexibility and easy-to-clean design. While using the headsets for a variety of curriculums...

AVID Teams Up with Fingerprint Digital & Encore Data Products

During this challenging time, while kids are home from school and in need of activities and online content, AVID has partnered with Fingerprint Digital and Encore Data Products to offer...
Volunteer with box of food for poor. Donation concept.

AVID Supports Local Food Drive

Community efforts are a major focus and core belief of AVID's employee-owners. Our team takes pride in supporting a range of local charitable events and donation drives throughout the year. During...

Why Headphones and Technology in the Classroom are So Important

Today's students easily adapt to rapidly changing technology. Incorporating these advances into the classroom environment is vital for a variety of reasons. As AVID has attuned to the evolving needs...

Tom Finn named President and CEO of AVID Products, Inc.

AVID Products, Inc., a 100% employee-owned provider of audio, entertainment and comfort solutions, has named Thomas Finn as its new President & CEO. Finn is an accomplished growth and transformation...

APEX Media Recognizes AVID’s Part in Airline History

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of APEX EXPO, APEX Media is featuring their member's most significant achievements. AVID is excited to be noted in their list of success stories for...

AVID Donates to Community Organizations

As part of an unyielding commitment to community support, AVID has donated to a variety of worthwhile causes. This comes just in time for the busy New England summer, when...

Happy Employee Ownership Month!

This October, we are celebrating Employee Ownership Month! Employee Ownership Month was founded by the ESOP Association and has been celebrated for over 20 years. Here at AVID, we are...

State Education Testing Requirements made EASY!

AVID releases the AE-55 Headset and delivers on TELPAS Requirements AVID Products is excited to announce the release of the AE-55, a sleek new headset that raises the bar. Understanding...

So, we started a blog.

If the title is any indication of what's to come for us here at AVID, then it only clarifies the air of excitement and intrigue amidst our office. Our new...


We are super excited to be announcing the launch of our new website this coming Spring of 2017! Spring can't come soon enough, and I for one am beyond ready...