Our Top Ten Moments of 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, we look back at this year with deep gratitude for the opportunities and accomplishments we have experienced here at AVID. As we prepare to ring in the new year, read on to celebrate our top ten moments of 2022 with us and we’ll see you in 2023!

We reimagined our brand

In June of this year, we unveiled a new look and feel for our brand that better aligns with our mission, our purpose, and where we are going as a company. This effort was led by AVID’s Brand Creative Lead, Michelle Turcotte.

“The reimagined AVID brand encompasses the direction and commitments AVID is adapting to,” says Michelle, “As a company, it is always important to remember where we came from while continuing to evolve where we are going. With this rebrand, we will have a vision and voice that will lead us into the future.”

Read more about this moment in Reintroducing AVID.

We welcomed new employee-owners

The AVID team grew by seven in 2022 as we welcomed Marketing Specialist, Dionne Smith; Web & Ecomm Specialist, Nicholas Apromollo; Sales Account Executive, Kara Turgeon; Sales Account Executive, Vince Zaccardi; Project Manager, Aaron Moberger; National Channel Manager, Rick Toftey; and Warehouse Coordinator, Chuck Tryon.

Check Our Team page to put some faces to the names.

We partnered with TERRA and DoneWithIT for a free audio solution recycling program

As a for-impact company, we believe it is our responsibility to provide solutions to help combat improper e-waste disposal. Through our partnership with TERRA (The Electronics Reuse & Recycling Alliance) and DoneWithIT, we launched a new recycling program for any brand of headphones, headsets, or earbuds for free.

As the largest network of Certified Recyclers in North America dedicated to eliminating hazardous e-waste, it only made sense for us to partner with TERRA as we considered the complete lifecycle of our products. Not only do they ensure used electronics are recycled responsibly, but when products can’t be recycled, they partner with IT Asset Disposition service providers to reuse whatever is possible.

“Eliminating e-waste contamination, which has reached crisis stage at national, state and local level, is integral to our sustainability mission at AVID Products.  We are excited to partner with TERRA and Done with IT to offer their simple, secure and sustainable program to our customers.  By simply printing a label our customers can eliminate contamination from our air, land and water and maximize reuse and recycling of our natural resources.”

Tom Finn, AVID President & CEO

Read the press release about our TERRA collaboration in AVID Partners with TERRA, explore what happens to your recycled headphones in Being Eco-Friendly, or learn more about how TERRA originated in Invest in Our Planet.

We partnered with Pinna to provide kid-friendly content and lesson plans to educators and parents

Listening is a fundamental skill and an important aspect of learning at any age. With this in mind, AVID’s partnership with Pinna is a natural fit. With our focus on mindfully designed audio solutions and Pinna’s family-friendly audio content, the two come together to enliven imaginations and promote engagement in students, while also providing lesson plans and listening activities for educators to use in the classroom.

We delved deeper into the subject of creating audio content for kids with Senior Director of Development & Children’s Programming at Pinna, Amy Kraft, in An Inside Look At Children’s Media.

Earlier this year, Pinna CEO, Maggie McGuire, and AVID CEO, Tom Finn, collaborated on an edWebinar about the importance of active listening. Check out Listen Now: Podcast Roundup to listen today.

We signed Digitunity’s CEO pledge to end the digital divide

The digital divide is a critical issue that impacts many people, especially marginalized communities. Access to technology and inclusion resources is a gateway to opportunity, and we’re committed to providing those in need with the tools they need to succeed in school and beyond.

AVID made a huge commitment this year by signing Digitunity’s Corporate Pledge to End the Digital Divide. Digitunity is a national organization working to eliminate the technology gap by providing access to technology, digital skills, and education while creating a sustainable community that will impact those in need.

Learn more about how AVID audio solutions contribute to closing the technology gap in Closing the Digital Divide: How Headsets Aid in Digital Equity.

We partnered with NCDE and Bluum to provide refurbished laptops to underserved communities

In a world where online and distance learning is commonplace over 17% of  children ages 3-18 live in US households without a laptop or a desktop computer. This divide grows larger each day as more and more services go online leaving more families without access.

To take further strides in bridging the digital divide, AVID partnered with NCDE (The National Collaborative for Digital Equity) and Bluum to provide a Refurbished Laptop & Financial Inclusion Program by leveraging our respective strengths in providing and activating tools of empowerment and economic transformation to help eliminate the digital divide, not just for children but for underserved and underrepresented families.

Check out our downloadable brochure to learn more about this program or watch the webinar Be Kind & Refurbish to hear more of the discussion. Don’t forget the password to gain access: DtgP7Q+p

We went on Tech Tour with Bluum

Our friendly sales team spent a lot of time on the road this year with a large portion of it being on Tech Tour with our partners at Bluum. This traveling show is a free event to showcase the latest education technology and how it’s being used to transform learning and teaching.

The best part is, it’s continuing next year with upcoming dates including locations in the Southwest. Register to attend today.

We learned even more about how important audio is in our lives

At AVID, we are more than just an audio company, we’re a team of employee-owners creating and advocating for mindful, innovative, and accessible solutions. Every year, we look for stories that enrich us and remind us how important audio is in our lives.

Audio technology has advanced rapidly in recent years and new applications are opening up possibilities for learners at all stages of life and ability levels. Listening to audio is convenient, time-efficient, and allows you to immerse yourself in whatever you are hearing. In many ways, it connects us.

On this note, we were delighted to see our AE-25 headset in Music for Neurodiversity, part of the #InPursuitOfWellness series presented by the Global Wellness Institute and produced by BBC Storyworks with music provided by our friends at Myndstream.

Read more about AVID’s dedication to delivering quality audio experiences in Delivering Audio: How Sound is Shaping Our Future.

We launched new headsets and won an award

This year, we are proud to say that with the addition of our AE-25 headset for early learners, we created a family of audio solutions that take you through every step of your lifelong learning and listening journey. Even more, we are excited to say that these headsets are all award-winners. You may read more about this collection in Award-Winning Listening Journey.

In addition to the AE_25, we also launched the AE-79 USB, a universal and accessible solution for all learning environments, esports, podcasts, or anywhere a more immersive listening experience is needed. Check out the full press release to learn more about this moment.

We gave back

Giving back is a huge part of who we are at AVID. Community efforts are a major focus and core belief of our employee-owners and we take pride in supporting a range of local charitable events and donation drives throughout the year. This year we were happy to work with many organizations, including the Boys & Girls Club of Pawtucket, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center in Newport, RI, as well as Foster Forward in East Providence.

Check out a couple of these moments on Instagram with a post from us at the B&GC and a post from Foster Forward giving us a lovely shoutout.

Our Top Ten Moments Of 2022

Thank you for sharing our top ten moments of 2022 with us. We are truly thankful for our partnerships and the opportunities we have made throughout this year. We wish everyone a happy new year.

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