Delivering Audio: How Sound is Shaping Our Future

While reimagining AVID’s brand, we took a deeper look at several aspects: what we really care about and what defines who we are, where we came from and what we do. It was an incredible journey that brought us further clarity to our mission as to what makes AVID, AVID.  

We’re delivering audio through mindful, innovative, and accessible solutions, we’re providing connections, we’re advocating for sustainability and are dedicated to closing the digital divide. Building positive relationships and creating memorable and impactful experiences can be seen throughout our history.  

With this in mind, as well as part of our brand reintroduction, we want to share more of the AVID stories based around our actions, our impact and how our team of employee-owners, our partnerships and our listeners have shaped our company and our future. 

Audio Innovation

The founder of AVID Products was a true innovator. When Albert C. Allen began the AVID Corporation in 1953, he wanted to use technology to bring audio to as many aspects of our lives as possible.

In the 1960s, after being asked by TWA to develop a listening device for air travel, AVID created the first pneumatic headset and brought listening devices to the consumer travel industry. Shortly thereafter, AVID brought sound into classrooms and the learning market via recording and translation devices. From there, our products made there way into hotels and gyms and hospitals- proving that audio is not only universal in our culture, but also beneficial. Audio has the ability help us relax during a doctor visit, stay focused while attending a virtual class or meeting or even give us the inspiration to run one more mile while exercising.

Audio Matters

Sound is a powerful force, capable of eliciting emotion and inducing behavior and with every iteration of sound, especially music, we are more deeply immersed in the consumption of it than ever before. This evolution has allowed us to form deep personal connections through audio. When incorporating sound into our experiences, that experience may be more transcending than it would have been without.

At the same time, audio teaches us to listen and now more than ever, listening is a powerful tool. It can change you, help you understand other people and yourself, make good decisions or follow direction. Listening sounds easy, but active listening requires making a mindful effort to hear, understand and retain information that’s being communicated to you. As our CEO, Tom Finn, says, “To hear is one thing, to listen is something beyond that.”

Audio Evolution

The evolution of audio formats is a testament to our desire for better listening experiences. Our drive for better listening technology has brought us from tinny-sounding speakers to surround sound headphones, augmented reality systems and beyond. The sky’s the limit when it comes to making audio experiences more immersive and meaningful.

Audio technology has advanced rapidly in recent years and new applications are opening up possibilities for learners at all stages of life and ability levels. Listening to audio is convenient, time-efficient and allows you to immerse yourself in content. Whereas in the past audio was limited in its abilities, today’s digital age has shined a spotlight on the impact and reach sound has.

Delivering Audio

Audio has the potential to revolutionize any industry and is already doing so. From education to travel to healthcare and hospitality, audio transforms our experiences and is essential. Staying true to the legacy of our founder and predecessors, we believe in the power of sound. We continue delivering audio solutions to those who need them most, and we do so with purpose.


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