Introducing the AE-75: The Next Step in the AVID Student Journey

At AVID, we are there for every step of the student journey. From the first day of school to graduation and beyond, we help to enhance the learning experience through our innovative mindful audio solutions. For over 60 years, AVID has remained dedicated to student and educator success and developing products that contribute to a fulfilling education. Education technology has become essential in classrooms, providing an important link between educators, students and digital curriculums. 

“With the influx of online and remote learning and working environments, headphones and headsets have become even more integral to sustain a focused and engaging educational experience,” says Phyllis Kaplan, Manager of Sales for AVID Learning, “Keeping teachers and students connected has always been our mission.” 

“The need for connecting and engaging through headset devices isn’t going away anytime soon,” adds Doug Welles, Director of Sales and Business Development for AVID Learning, “As the 2020 school year has proven, learning happens everywhere. As long as students have the devices they need, they have a much higher chance of success.” 

In 2020 alone, AVID provided over four million students with headsets and headphones- ensuring they could stay connected while distance learning during a pandemic school year. A majority of these were the AE-36, AVID’s top-selling and award-winning headset that with the AE-35 headphone model make up the 30 Series. Designed to be a lightweight audio solution for younger students, this model is built to withstand the rigors of the primary and secondary school classrooms. The 30 Series are equipped with durable chew-resistant nylon cords, as well as cushioned earpads and headbands for extended comfort. 

Just this past year, the reimagined 50 Series was added to AVID’s suite of learning devices. Made up of the AE-54 headphone and AE-55 headsets (3.5mm and USB), the 50 Series is a perfect choice to equip middle and high school students. This modern and sleek style has a more robust frame and wider earcups to accommodate an older student, while also donning the same durable features as the 30 Series for a lasting experience. 

As AVID stays committed to connecting K-12 students across the globe with our 30 and 50 Series headphones and headsets, the team is now excited to introduce the dynamic 70 Series that takes the learning experience to the next level.  

Developed to strengthen communication and listening for older students, the AE-75 headset promotes student focus and engagement through top-of-the-line design details. A super flexible boom microphone is easily able to adapt to each wearer and pinpoints voice one inch away. Kevlar-reinforced cable connections and adjustable components provide durability and customization.  

Justin Kahle, Sales Associate for AVID Learning, expands on the driving factors behind the AE-75’s design, “When it comes to the 70 Series, the comfort is unbeatable,” explains Kahle, “When you’re focusing on a presentation, class or meeting, you don’t want to be distracted or worried about how your headphones feel. The AE-75 earcups are designed to fit over the ear with deluxe padding that is not only comfortable, it lends to noise-reduction for less outside noise.” 

Kahle continues, “The sound quality of the AE-75 sets it apart from any of our other audio solutions. The larger ear cups house a distinctive speaker design that delivers clear and natural sound, with deep bass. On top of audiobooks and online classes or meetings, it’s great for gaming and music as well.” 

In 2022, AVID plans to launch the 20 Series to round out the Learning products portfolio. The AE-25 headset is being developed for PreK through second grade students with a focus on eardrum protection, minimal adjusting parts and colorful design.

Learn more about the AE-75 and how to order or read the press release.

Elizabeth Woodard

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