Award-Winning Listening Journey

Tech & Learning magazine is a well-known publication that focuses on technology in education. Every year, they give awards to products that have been extensively reviewed and tested by educators and are designed to help students learn or help teachers teach. To be considered for an award, the product must be backed by research and proven results, as well as provide clear value for a school or district.

As winners of Tech & Learning awards for our AE-25, AE-36, AE-55 and AE-75 headsets, we look at why listening devices are becoming more and more a crucial part of the learning environment, how mindful design of audio solutions allows everyone to have access to the best listening experiences and what goes into an award-winning listening journey.

Benefits of learning with listening devices

Students have a multitude of distractions, whether they are in the classroom or learning from home. Because of this, students find it hard to pay attention or completely absorb what an educator says. Studies have found that in many cases, while wearing headphones, distractions are more easily ignored and focus is increased. While wearing a headset equipped with a microphone, engagement goes up as students have the confidence that they may be heard clearly.

In addition to these benefits, the listening experience is greatly enhanced when using a listening device. This is because they are, in many cases, designed to filter out background noises, such as construction going on outside, or help prevent music from being too loud for others. This also makes it easier for teachers and classmates alike to communicate and collaborate, without worry, while in a variety of settings.

Incidentally, headsets are an excellent way of improving communication skills as they allow you to listen clearly as well as speak clearly. A noise-canceling microphone provides clarity while speaking and gives your peers the chance to learn from what you are saying.

Audio solutions as an introduction to technology

Technology can be intimidating to some. A headset is a great introductory device because of its ease of use and comfort.

To begin with, headsets are easy to use with other devices, such as an iPad or Chromebook. This means that you’re not limited to just one device when using your headset—you can use it with multiple tech products without having to change anything on the product itself. When it comes down to usability, headsets are incredibly easy for anyone who hasn’t used them before: simply plug into your computer or phone and press play on the audio or media file.

As far as comfort goes, features such as padding, an adjustable headband and the overall size of the frame ensure each headset model may be worn securely and comfortably for extended periods of time. This is especially important while listening to long lectures or educational podcasts.

The importance of listening

We’ve talked about the importance of listening in the classroom. It’s important for students to be able to focus on what their teachers are saying, after all. But as we go through life, listening is a huge part of almost all of our experiences.

We listen when we’re watching TV or playing video games, and we use headphones and headsets to do it. As technology becomes more accessible and commonplace in our lives, headphones and headsets are allowing people at every age to gain the most from their listening experience.

For example:

  • Students listen to the teacher in class allowing them to gain a better understanding of their coursework.
  • Podcasts that are designed specifically for educational purposes give listeners a source of content to hear relevant information and learn how to stay focused when listening to different audio formats.
  • Audiobooks have become more popular over time because many people like having access reading material wherever they go. Audiobooks also provide a way of learning new vocabulary by hearing words spoken aloud rather than simply reading them on paper. This helps people develop better pronunciation skills than if they were only learning off paper alone.

Award-winning listening journey

Now that we’ve looked into the benefits of headsets and other audio solutions, as well as the importance of listening, let’s learn about the Tech & Learning award-winning AVID products for listeners at every age.

“Our judges [choose] winners as examples of excellence in terms of value, quality, ease of use, and versatility.”

Christine Weiser, content director for Tech & Learning


Winner of Best of Show ISTELive22

Developed for PreK to 2nd grade, the AE-25 headset is designed to keep audio below 85db to ensure a safe listening experience. Reducing volume minimizes damage to eardrum and protects little ears. A perfect introductory headset for early learners to engage in story listening, interactive curriculums, speech and reading assessments.


Winner of Award of Excellence for Remote Learning & Best of Show ISTELive20

The AE-36 is widely used across the globe and is by far our most popular headset because of the sound quality and accessible price. The lightweight and flexible design of this model is recommended for primary and secondary students. According to the judges at Tech & Learning, “We particularly like the flexibility of the hardware itself in being able to withstand whatever students put them through.”


Winner of Award of Excellence for Remote Learning & Best of Show ISTELive20

The AE-55 headset is a sleek and robust model to best suit the needs of middle and high schoolers. This mid-size design stores easily, while the cushioned ear pads allow for long listening sessions. The AE-55 is designed to meet strict testing requirements, including TELPAS. The 3.5mm connection provides a reliable connection wherever you plug in.


Winner of Award of Excellence for Back to School

As a remote company, we know a thing or two about video calls. While collaborating with colleagues, we prefer to use the AE-75 headset as it is not only the best fit, but is equipped with a noise-canceling microphone and deluxe ear pads to minimize outside noise. Ideal for any environment where you need to focus on your work or studies. High school and college students, as well as remote workers or anyone who needs to hear clearly and speak without interruption will find the AE-75 meets all their needs.

Our lifelong listening journey

As we go through life, listening is a huge part of our experience. We listen to our loved ones, family members, friends and colleagues. Listening affects the quality of our relationships with others as well as ourselves. It can also improve your social skills and boost your self-esteem. Learning to listen is an important skill that everyone needs in order to communicate effectively with others.

When it comes to learning, headphones and headsets enhance our listening experience by offering quality sound, better focus and engagement and a user-friendly experience. As we continue to develop products to amplify your future, we stay mindful of the design and what listeners, whether they are students or not, need to have the best listening experience.


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