Digitunity Report Identifies Need for Audio Enhancement

In a collaborative effort, Digitunity, a non-profit organization committed to ending the digital divide, with support from AVID Products, has released a commissioned report titled “The Crucial Role of Audio Enhancement in Learning & Health.” The report is written by Richard E. West, a professor at Brigham Young University and an expert in utilizing emerging technologies in education.

Digitunity Report Identifies Need for Audio Enhancement

The role of audio enhancement in education and health environments has been identified as crucial by experts. It’s important for technology users, such as healthcare professionals, teachers, and students alike to optimize the acoustics of their environment to ensure they can communicate and listen clearly. The report provides recommendations on how the use of audio enhancement can help people do this effectively across a variety of environments.

Digitunity operates on the belief that device ownership is the cornerstone of digital equity. However, it is just part of the digital equity equation. This report clearly defines the need for audio enhancement as one of the many key hardware and software essentials that enable the productive use of a computer.

Scot Henley, Executive Director, Digitunity

You may not realize it, but the sound around you is affecting your ability to learn, work, and do just about anything. In this report, West covers such topics as the role of sound reduction to improve learning and working, as well as the benefits of headphones and the effects of noise.

Audio is an under-appreciated primary sense. It has the ability to open the door to opportunity on a variety of levels. Audio transcends many aspects of our everyday lives, allowing us to connect with one another, and with ourselves, through music, entertainment, and information. Providing tools that aid in delivering sound to anyone, anywhere, anytime is our mission.

Tom Finn, President & CEO, AVID Products

Audio enhancement is more important than ever before, and people benefit from high-quality audio in many different ways. We are finally seeing people realizing this, with funding being invested in innovation and technology in the audio industry. Hopefully, we will continue to see audio and its benefits become more commonplace in our society. This report is a great start on documenting some of the ways that audio enhancement will help us now and in the future.

The Crucial Role of Audio Enhancement in Learning & Health

To read the full report, you may choose to download or simply click through below.

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