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From patient education to telemedicine, discover audio solutions tailored to the needs of the healthcare industry.

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Research proves that relaxing a patient’s mind and body with a calm environment can help reduce recovery time, increase patient safety, and improve HCAHPS scores.


Through high quality and innovative audio solutions, we’ve worked with healthcare professionals to develop value-based solutions to improve patient results in healthcare environments. We’ve partnered with caregivers, technologists, and telemedicine providers for the best in audio solutions for you and your patients.


Audio Solutions for Healthcare

Perfect balance of durability, comfort, and excellent sound quality.

Ideal Choice for listeners looking for an alternative to earphones or earbuds.

Perfect on-the-go audio solution for successful outcomes.

Comfort and reliability, close to home or on the road.

As a customer, you'll experience

  • Durability and value

    Products that last longer at an accessible price.

  • Collaboration

    We listen and work with industry professionals to create audio solutions that meet your needs.

  • Mindful Solutions

    Audio that creatively solves common problems in your industry.

  • Excellent customer service

    We love going above and beyond for you.

  • Sustainability

    Products created responsibly and free recycling with our partner, Done With It.

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