The First Step in the AVID Learning Journey

At AVID, we believe learning is a part of everyday life that starts at an early age and we are here to provide headsets and headphones to enhance the learning experience every step of the way.

The First Step in the AVID Learning Journey

As part of our suite of audio solutions, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the first step in the AVID learning journey, the AE-25 headset. Primarily designed for younger students, the AE-25 is furnished with essential features to ensure a safe and enriching listening experience. Speakers are specially designed to keep sound below 85db- a recommended volume maximum to protect developing ears. The AE-25’s noise-canceling microphone allows for clear speech recognition, while the new SideKickTM feature provides the ability to quickly stow away the microphone to eliminate distraction during listening sessions.

In today’s classrooms, whether they be remote or in-person, educators are finding audio to be an important factor in learning. Headphones and headsets allow for more focus and engagement, as well as a more effective way to consume content such as audiobooks, podcasts and music. On top of this, audio devices are a perfect tool to nurture active listening skills at an early age.

Whether at school, at home or wherever learning is taking place, the AE-25 is a reliable audio tool to begin the learning and listening journey.

To learn more about the AE-25’s features and benefits, read the full press release below.

Safer Audio Listening Solution for Early Learners

Addressing the audio and comfort needs of the PreK-2nd grade age group

Middletown, Rhode Island

AVID Products, a leader in mindful audio solutions designed for the learning journey and named one of the Top 10 EdTech companies to watch, has officially announced the release of the 20 Series universal headphone/headset. Designed specifically for the early learner (PreK-2nd grade age group), this new offering provides flexibility and essential features for success in any learning environment. Effective, reliable and accessible 1:1 headsets are critical for improved interaction and focus with various types of content, virtual engagements, assessments, language software and more. AVID is connecting millions of learners and educators across the country with safer audio solutions that meet state testing and assessment requirements, while offering prolonged comfort and clear communication.

The 20 Series includes the AE-25 headset/headphone that recently captured much attention from educators at FETC and TCEA Education shows. Designed for younger learners, the AE25 combines an age-appropriate size with a lightweight design and around the ear soft padded ear cups that reduce surrounding noise for improved focus. Offering a safer listening environment with speakers designed to not only provide an enhanced experience but also to keep sound levels below 85 dB when used with most common devices.

The multi-use design allows the listener to easily use it as a headphone or headset and includes AVID’s exclusive microphone management system, the SideKickTM, making it simple to secure the rotating boom arm to reduce mic tampering and distraction. Packed with features such as extra durability with strain relief that protects against wire damage, a 4-foot nylon braided cord is chew-resistant and durable, soft padded headband provides added comfort to minimize the desire to remove the device during extended use, noise-canceling microphone removes background noise for clear communication across most content and software platforms and is essential for engaging interaction, assessments and testing.

The AE25 has a 3.5mm pin, making it compatible with a wide range of devices. In compliance with safety certifications and even comes with a convenient travel pouch for storage and on-the-go use, AVID’s 20 Series is the perfect audio solution for all schools districts, teachers and parents looking to equip early learners with the essential audio tools needed for success on their learning journey.

Contact toll-free for more details 888.575.AVID or visit the contact page on our site.

Established in 1953, AVID Products is a 100% employee-owned company in the heart of beautiful Middletown, Rhode Island. AVID is the only adaptive learning company that creates and advocates for mindful, innovative and accessible solutions for learners of all kinds who seek to develop themselves and enable a better future for others. Providing quality and value through audio solutions that enhance life’s experiences.

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