AVID Partners with TERRA

AVID is proud to announce a partnership with TERRA and the Done with IT program to offer a no-cost recycling solution for communities across the country.

AVID Partners with TERRA

Sustainable e-waste recycling and reuse is an essential component of an equitable and global economy. As the world’s e-waste crisis continues to grow, TERRA (The Electronic Reuse and Recycling Alliance) has assembled the largest network of e-Stewards and R2 Certified device refurbishment and e-waste recycling providers in North America to maximize the sustainable reuse of natural resources, while stopping hazardous e-waste from contaminating the air, land, and water by diverting used electronics to the care of responsible Certified solutions experts.

“Only certified recyclers with either an R2 or e-Stewards certification can be trusted to securely and sustainably process used electronics. They adhere to rigorous standards and make continuous investments in best-practices to mitigate the dangers to human health and the environment associated with the improper disposal of e-waste,” Steven Napoli, President & CEO of TERRA.

A Simple Solution for Recycling E-waste

AVID remains dedicated to reducing environmental impact. Through this partnership with TERRA, we may ensure that our company of employee-owners, our customers and our partners have a reliable program to recycle any make of headphones, headsets and earbuds.

“Eliminating e-waste contamination, which has reached crisis stage at national, state and local level, is integral to our sustainability mission at AVID Products.  We are excited to partner with TERRA and Done with IT to offer their simple, secure and sustainable program to our customers and all communities.  By simply printing a label, they can eliminate contamination of our air, land and water and maximize reuse and recycling of our natural resources,” Tom Finn, CEO & Employee co-owner AVID Products.


You can start recycling your headphones, headsets and earbuds in a safe and easy way today. Click here to learn more.

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