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Our award winning educational and safe audio solutions are tailored to improve focus and engagement wherever learning takes place.

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When taking a test or connecting with students online, the last thing you need is difficult audio to stand in your way. Through collaboration with industry professionals, we’ve created affordable audio solutions that make connecting online effortless, safe, and tailored to your learning needs.

Maximize the impact and value of K-12 audio solutions

  • Integrate audio solutions across subject areas, grade levels and instructional modalities.

    With a wide range of audio programming available, audio solutions may be implemented to enhance student focus and listening development.

  • Invest in solutions that meet even the strictest testing and assessment requirements.

    Selecting a standard audio solution to use during assessments ensures consistency and equal opportunity for all students to succeed.

  • Support and engage all students—regardless of where they’re at on their learning journey.

    Investing in audio solutions that are safe, durable, and affordable can help educators support learners of all kinds reach their full potential.

20 Series

Designed for Pre-School and Primary Students

The 20 series is the latest addition to AVID’s product line focused on addressing the audio and comfort needs of the younger student. Improving voice and sound clarity for story listening, interactive curriculum, speech and reading assessments.

30 Series

Designed for Primary and Secondary Students

The lightweight 30 Series boasts impeccable sound quality while still being able to endure day to day wear and tear. The first-rate features and sleek design of the AE-35, AE-36 and AE-39 will take your classroom to the next level, and both the AE-35 USB-C and the AE-36 USB-C round out our 30 Series as our very first USB-C solutions!

50 Series

Designed for Middle and High School Students

While choosing headsets for testing season, look no further than the AVID 50 Series. Well-equipped and comfortable to boot, the AE-54, AE-55 and AE-55 USB meet the strictest of testing requirements and are built to last.

70 Series

Designed for High School and College Students

The 70 Series is engineered for effortless functionality. Staying connected is critical for students and educators to thrive in any educational environment. With the AE-75 and the new AE-79 the ability to stay connected is strengthened with better focus and communication.

Learning In Any Environment

AVID provides mindful and universal award-winning audio solutions that improve focus and engagement in any learning environment.

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Young beautiful girl working on a computer in a classroom with her classmates in the background

Perfect for Testing

We designed the AE-55 headset to meet even the strictest testing requirements, including TELPAS and more. The over-the-ear style and 3.5mm connection ensure you stay connected and comfortable during assessments. Other key attributes include noise-reducing ear pieces and noise-canceling microphone for clear communication. The ambidexterous, adjustable design means every student or educator will have a custom fit. Check our Comparison Chart for more headset models made for the testing.

Young beautiful girl working on a computer in a classroom with her classmates in the background

Fits into Funding

As we remain dedicated to equipping students and educators with tools for success, we ensure our value-based audio solutions fit a variety of budgets and funding resources, including The American Rescue Act, Coronavirus Response & Relief Supplemental Approprations Act (CRRSA), Cares Act Funding and Title 1 funding. To learn more about how AVID products fit into your school curriculum, contact us today.

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  • Durability and value

    Products that last longer at an accessible price.

  • Collaboration

    We listen and work with industry professionals to create audio solutions that meet your needs.

  • Mindful Solutions

    Audio that creatively solves common problems in your industry.

  • Excellent customer service

    We love going above and beyond for you.

  • Sustainability

    Products created responsibly and free recycling with our partner, Done With It.

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