Moving to End the Digital Divide

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The digital divide is a critical issue that impacts many people, especially marginalized communities. Access to technology and inclusion resources are a gateway to opportunity, and we're committed to providing those in need with the tools they need to succeed in school and beyond.

AVID has partnered with Digitunity, a national organization working to eliminate the technology gap, to sign their Corporate Pledge as part of our commitment to end the digital divide.

"Providing opportunities for all to have the essential tools they need for their learning and life journey is core to our mission. We are honored to be a Cornerstone Partner with Digitunity to address with speed and scale the urgent need to close the digital divide. In addition to providing critically needed devices, we will amplify advocacy so others may be inspired to join this quest and expand its impact."

Tom Finn
President & CEO, AVID Products

Four Pillars of Digitunity's Pledge

The Corporate Pledge is not the only initiative that AVID and Digitunity are partnering on. Over the next two years, AVID will also offer audio products to Digitunity’s Digital Opportunity Network members at an access-enabling price.

Those interested in purchasing can request a link from Digitunity.

Access to Technology

 People must have access to secure, reliable, and connected large-screen devices to work, learn, and develop the skills they need.

Digital Skills & Education

 Digital literacy is fundamental to education, finance, employment, telehealth, communication, security, community, and efficiency.

Community Engagement & Impact

Those in need benefit most from engaged people and organizations in their communities. Those systems need to enable and sustain impact.

Achieving Change 

There is a direct line from racial inequity to poverty, and poverty to the digital divide. The corporate sector is a critical partner in developing innovative solutions that can benefit marginalized communities.

Learn more about Digitunity

Digitunity, an initiative of National Cristina Foundation, has connected corporate and individual donors of technology to thousands of partner organizations serving people in need across North America.

Visit the Digitunity website today.