AVID Recognized as Ten Best Innovative EdTech Companies to Watch by CIO Coverage

AVID is honored to be recognized as one of CIO Coverage Magazine’s Ten Best Innovative EdTech Companies to watch in 2021.

CIO Coverage defines this acclamation in their opening statement, “EdTech companies emphasize the enhancement of software and technology to provide a better comprehensive learning environment for students and lessen the burden of teachers. EdTech solutions automate ability assessment and difficulty adjustment to lead to better outcomes for distance learning programs and classrooms alike.”

AVID President and CEO, Tom Finn, explains AVID’s mission in the education realm, “We take great pride in our ability to be that essential connection between education and technology, wherever the learning environment may take place. We remain grounded in our purpose, which is to ‘enhance life’s experiences through mindful audio solutions.'”

AVID has remained a reliable and trusted brand for over 70 years. A perfect choice for the student educational journey. AVID Products continues to provide remarkably simple and mindful audio solutions to enhance the PreK-16 experience in any learning environment and beyond. 

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