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Listen now as AVID Products CEO and employee-owner, Tom Finn, shares insights into active listening, the rapidly evolving learning space and AVID’s own digital transformation on podcast episodes of edWebcasts, the Learning Counsel EduJedi Report and Digitally Transformed in our Podcast Roundup.

There’s no mistaking that we love podcasts, though perhaps we enjoy them a little more when they feature one of our very own team members.

Podcast Roundup

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Active Listening: How to Use Audio to Empower Every Student’s Learning Journey by edWebcasts

This edWeb podcast features thought leaders in the audio and learning technology industries, Maggie McGuire, CEO of Pinna, and AVID CEO and employee-owner, Tom Finn, discussing the importance of active listening. We discover how the power of audio-podcasts, audiobooks, and music-provides increased accessibility to content and information, how audio aids in building and boosting literacy and active listening skills, why equitable access of resources is critical and how building mindful listening experiences into the curriculum, across grades and subjects, can be transformative for students at every age and grade.

Teachers, librarians, school and district leaders and education technology leaders of all grade levels have found this episode extremely beneficial:

“This is one of the best presentations I’ve been to!”

“This has been a great presentation! Thank you! So much helpful information.”

“Thank you for this presentation! I have learned a few new ways to use audio to support student learning.”

“Thank you! Great presentation. The research was very interesting.”

“Thank you for this wonderfully informative presentation: so many new ideas!”

“Thank you for an amazing presentation and new resources I can integrate into my classroom.”

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The Educational Epoch Change You Didn’t Know Happened by the Learning Counsel EduJedi Report

As we write our new epic and talk about the age of the Age of Knowledge and the Age of Technology, and then into the Age of Experience, we’ll see we used our knowledge in a scaffolded way to aim for the perfect life. In this episode of the Learning Counsel EduJedi Report, host, LeiLani Cauthen, CEO and Publisher of The Learning Counsel, and guest Tom Finn, AVID CEO and employee-owner, discuss the tremendous changes in the education market and the positive structural changes that are taking place in skills, preparation for the future and the transformation of technology and its inherent value.

“With a future forward attitude towards learning, tomorrow’s learners will be guided to focus on curiosity, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, collaborating, compassion, composure and mindfulness.”

Tom Finn, CEO and Employee-Owner, AVID Products

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A Digital Transformation Journey with CEO, Tom Finn, of AVID Products by Digitally Transformed

On this episode of Digitally Transformed, host, Melissa Crouch, Director of Digital Content and Media at Infused Innovations, chats with AVID CEO and employee-owner, Tom Finn, about our digital transformation journey. Tom tells us about business struggles and solutions, where we’ve been headed and how digital transformation has made a profound positive impact on our business.

“Things that we’re doing in the digital and information space, are not things we’re doing to our business, rather they’re integral components of this operating system we envision.”

Tom Finn, CEO and Employee-Owner, AVID Products

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