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Since the 60s, AVID has been developing inflight entertainment headphones for the ultimate in audio on-the-go. From single-use earphones to noise-canceling headphones, our audio solutions are made to create a top-notch experience for the adventurer. Whether by air, train, or bus, your passengers will enjoy excellent audio at a great price.

Audio Solutions for Travel

AE-08 Classic simple stereo headphones

AE-08 Headphone

Perfect balance of durability, comfort and excellent sound quality

AE-711R rugged and comfortable headphones

AE-711R Headphone

Ideal choice for listeners looking for an alternative to earphones or earbuds

AE-205 Reliable Travel Earphones

AE-205 Earphone

An everyday, anywhere earphone. Reliable and travel-friendly

AE-215 Comfortable Individually Packaged Headphones

AE-215 Earphone

Comfort and reliability, close to home or on the road

As a customer, you'll experience

  • Durability and value

    Products that last longer at an accessible price.

  • Collaboration

    We listen and work with industry professionals to create audio solutions that meet your needs.

  • Mindful Solutions

    Audio that creatively solves common problems in your industry.

  • Excellent customer service

    We love going above and beyond for you.

  • Sustainability

    Products created responsibly and free recycling with our partner, Done With It.

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