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Introducing the 20 Series

The AE-25 is the latest addition to AVID’s product line focused on addressing the audio and comfort needs of the early learner. Intended to improve voice and sound clarity for story listening, interactive curriculum, speech and reading assessments. The AE-25 multi-use design maximizes functionality as a headset and headphone in one by moving boom microphone up along the headband into SideKick™.


Speaker designed to keep sound levels below 85 dB when used with most common devices, providing a safe listening environment. 


SideKick™, AVID's exclusive microphone management system, reduces tampering and damage of microphone when not in use.


Adjustable padded headband provides a snug, secure and comfortable fit.


Lightweight, soft, padded construction for longer use and less fidgeting by students to remove the device.


Flexible 4 foot cord for wide range of motion and easy connection.


Noise-canceling microphone removes background noise for clear communication.

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Safer Sound

Developed for PreK - 2nd grade students, speakers are designed to keep sound levels below 85 dB when used with most common devices, providing a safe listening environment. Reducing volume minimizes damage to eardrum and protects little ears.

Universal Functionality

The AE-25 is designed with quality components for with comfort and durability for younger learners in mind. A 3.5mm connection easily links with a variety of devices and adapters. 

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