Back to school, back to AVID: The 20 Series

As the summer days wane and another school year officially begins, parents, educators, and most importantly, first time learners are gearing up for an exciting first time in school. While out looking for school supplies, we want the best for our little ones and when looking for a back to school headset, we want it to be safe. The AVID 20 Series is designed to transform the early learning experience for preschool and primary students and above all—protect their ears. In this blog series, we’ve been delving into the world of AVID headphones and headsets for back to school, focusing on our 705030, and 20 Series, to help you find the best fit for your needs.

In our final installment, we delve into the remarkable features of the AE-25 headset and explore how it benefits students, educators, and parents alike. This model has been mindfully developed to provide a safe and high-quality learning experience for younger learners. Read on to learn more.

Tailored for early learners with thoughtful audio design

Sound safety for little ears

One of the standout features of the AE-25 is its dedication to providing safer sound levels for young ears. With audio levels kept below 85dB, parents and educators can rest assured that their children are enjoying an auditory experience that prioritizes their well-being.

Enhanced focus and engagement

Safety features and child-friendly modifications set the AE-25 apart. These thoughtful adjustments ensure that young learners remain engaged and focused during their learning activities. Whether it’s story time, interactive curriculum sessions, speech exercises, or reading assessments, the AE-25 is the perfect companion, enhancing each educational endeavor.

Empowering educators with innovative features

The AE-25 isn’t just designed with students in mind—educators also benefit from its innovative features. The bidirectional boom microphone, neatly stored in the SideKick™ headband clip, extends the life of the microphone while providing crystal-clear audio during interactive lessons and assessments. This microphone management system transforms the AE-25 into a versatile tool that seamlessly transitions between a headset and a headphone, catering to various classroom needs.

Take your learning anywhere

To facilitate ease of use and storage, the AE-25 comes with a travel pouch. This feature ensures that young learners can carry their headset wherever their curiosity takes them. Whether it’s a trip to the library, a cozy reading corner at home, or the classroom itself, the AE-25 remains a reliable companion.

Back to school, back to AVID

With the AVID 20 Series, the youngest learners can embark on a journey of discovery, supported by thoughtful design, innovative features, and safety measures. Wherever the school year takes you, prepare for a time filled with engagement and focus.

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