Taking Your Learning Experience to a Higher Level

AVID 70 Series

The 70 Series is engineered for effortless functionality for the older student on their learning journey. Staying connected is critical for students and educators to thrive in any educational environment. With the AE-75 and New AE-79 Headsets, the ability to stay connected is strengthened with better focus, communication and all-day comfort. 


Ear cup design
houses a larger speaker surface for an engaging listening experience


Flexible noise-canceling rotating microphone for uninterrupted, clear communication


Adjustable cushioned headband
for extended comfort

AE-75 Travel Pouch

Convenient travel pouch for easy storage and transport

AE-55-USB Inline Volume Control

In-Line volume control for quick and easy adjustments.

(AE-79 Only)

AVID AE-75 headset is a winner of Tech & Learning’s Award of Excellence for Higher Education

Technology continues to be one of the key drivers of innovation. AE-75 was chosen for its versatility, compatibility, value, and ability to help schools solve challenges and support continuous instruction. 

Tech & Learning Higher Education Winner
African American teenage boy writes something in a notebook while studying in the campus library. An open laptop is on the table. He is wearing wireless headphones.

AE-75 Headset

The AE-75 turns down the background noise and dials up your audio experience. This award-winner shines in learning settings, where focus and all-day comfort are top priorities. Built to be compatible with leading communication platforms, online learning solutions and applications. A 3.5mm connection easily links with a variety of devices and adapters.  

AE-79 USB Headset

Universal and accessible solution, the AE-79 is the ideal tool for empowering the audio experience. With extra features like deluxe ear padding for comfort and larger speakers for clear, natural sound, this headset is perfect for all learning environments, eGaming, podcasts and more.

Beautiful young female student using laptop in classroom. Girl studying with laptop in university class.

Connecting Millions of Students Around the World

70 Series turns down the background noise and dials up the audio experience. 

Whether connecting students to online resources or back to back video calls, you’ll appreciate all the extra bells and whistles of the AE-75 and AE-79 headsets. An important part of connecting is the ability to focus and communicate. Take the learning experience to the next level and promote academic excellence, with is the AVID 70 Series.

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AVID 30 Series

30 Series

The lightweight 30 Series boasts impeccable sound quality while still being able to endure day to day wear and tear. Ideal for younger students and 1:1 learning models, the first-rate features and sleek design of the 30 Series are the perfect companion for classroom devices.

Award Winning Avid 50 Series Headsets for Middle and Highschool Students

50 Series

The AVID 50 Series is packed with features and benefits to ensure an enhanced and fulfilling learning experience. The robust design fits both younger and older students. Built for durability and dependability, the 50 Series is easy to clean and store and a perfect choice for 1:1 learning.