AVID’s AE-55 Headsets Give Grand Rapids Area Schools a Boost

AVID’s AE-55 headsets have been recognized by educators and students in Grand Rapids Area schools for durability, flexibility and easy-to-clean design.

While using the headsets for a variety of curriculums and test-taking, the AE-55 stood out among other brands.

“Students have noted that these headsets are comfortable, and the added bonus of the microphone adds a new aspect to language learning,” said Ena St. Germain, fourth grade teacher and technology specialist at Burton Elementary. “It was important that the headset we invested in meets our state’s specifications, especially when it comes to assessments.”

St. Germain goes on to say, “The AE-55 also offers something that earbuds typically can’t: easy sanitation. The ear pads are meant to be cleansed, giving teachers the ability to sanitize and maintain headsets after they have been used.”

Read the full case study below.

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Elizabeth Woodard

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