Connecting Students Across the Globe

AVID is proud of our channel partners and employee-owners for their commitment to the education market during these extraordinary times. We feel fortunate to report that by the end of September, year to date we will have provided over 2,000,000 headsets, headphones and earbuds to school districts in North America and Europe. Connecting students and teachers with reliable audio products ensures they get the best out of their learning experience- whether they are learning from home or in the classroom.

As 2020 has put forth many new challenges for all of us, we remain diligent in our mission to place affordable, quality audio products in the hands of students so they may learn and connect remotely. AVID headphones and accessories are products they can rely on to have a fulfilling school year. This is only part of AVID’s long standing commitment to education that we continue to preserve.

Read more from AVID Products President & CEO, Tom Finn, here.

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Elizabeth Woodard

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