A Brief Exploration of Sustainable Materials and Solutions  

As sustainable materials and solutions evolve every day, AVID is taking steps on a path with like-minded collaborators, towards a greener future. Our commitment to sustainability is a thoughtful and measured exploration, an acknowledgment of our responsibility as an audio technology company to contribute to a healthier planet.  

Collaborative initiatives 

In our pursuit of sustainable solutions, AVID has established meaningful collaborations with eco-conscious companies. Partnering with TERRA, we’ve established a headphone recycling program, ensuring responsible and safe recycling for unwanted or damaged audio solutions of any make. This program is also free to anyone who uses it, keeping it accessible and easy.  

Exploring eco-conscious materials 

When it comes to product manufacturing, industry leaders like Covestro are pushing boundaries with sustainable materials, specifically those derived from renewable, plant-based sources. Additionally, many materials are being built from postconsumer recycled content or PCR. These innovative materials pave the way for companies like ours to develop solutions that incorporate them, while aligning with our quality standards.  

Beyond the headset 

AVID’s vision extends far beyond the products we’re currently working on. Actively integrating eco-friendly practices into various facets of our operation, from subtle shifts in product design to the introduction of our free recycling program, each small change contributes to our broader commitment to sustainability.   

Our ongoing vision 

As previously mentioned, AVID’s journey toward sustainability is not a sprint but a thoughtful and measured exploration, recognizing that meaningful changes demand time and consideration. Our dedication to gradual progress involves ongoing research, collaborations, and a patient approach in our effort to reduce our carbon footprint.  

Sustainable materials and solutions

As we navigate this path, AVID invites you to join us on a journey of responsible choices, innovation, and a shared obligation to a greener, more sustainable future. Stay tuned as we continue to explore more sustainable materials and solutions.  

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Elizabeth Woodard

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