Thank you for your interest in our Deal Registration Program!

Deal Registration Program Guidelines

The AVID Products Deal Registration Program (“Program”) is available to all authorized AVID Products Resellers (“Resellers”) in North America. The intention of the program is to protect and reward Resellers for sourcing and closing new AVID Products sales opportunities. 

Program Overview

AVID strives to build long-term business relationships with our reseller partners. Our goal is to ensure the relationship is beneficial for both parties with potential for growth. As an incentive to drive sales of AVID products, we are offering a Registration Program to Authorized Resellers commencing March 1, 2021. AVID Products reserves the right to suspend this Program at any time without cause, however, will continue to honor any registered opportunities awarded prior to the Program suspension for up to 90 days upon approval by AVID. 

Eligibility Requirements

Opportunities that will be considered are:

  • New to AVID’s sales pipeline
  • Not currently a registered opportunity
  • RFQ & RFP’s if originated and driven by reseller
  • AVID’s products bid as an alternative product on an existing bid
  • Demonstrations or samples will be available if needed
  • Paperwork must be submitted at least seven (7) business days prior to the awarded order
  • Opportunities over $5,000 will be considered. Opportunities under $5,000 may be reviewed and awarded on a case-by-case basis.

Program Administration 

  • Resellers must register eligible sales opportunities via AVID Products Registration Form
  • Only one reseller per opportunity will be awarded a registration
  • Awarded registrations are eligible to receive up to 10% off their current documented price
  • Awarded reseller must provide AVID documentation of final price offered to customer along with award letter or bid tabulation with final award results
  • Special pricing awards cannot be combined with, and are excluded from, all other rebate programs
  • Resellers approved for award will receive a registration number from AVID Products
  • PO’s for awarded opportunity must clearly list the registration number and be submitted within the corresponding customer purchase order
  • Only the reseller with the valid registration number for the opportunity will receive special pricing
  • Registration awards expire after 90 *days* from issuance; however, upon mutual agreement between AVID and partner may be granted an extension due to extenuating circumstances

AVID Products is the final determinate of award and rejection of applications. It is at AVID’s discretion not to qualify Purchases for registered pricing if they are deemed not to be part of the awarded opportunity even if for the same Organization. 

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