How AVID is Building a Warehouse Network That Delivers Results

AVID Products has been serving our customers and partners from our headquarters in Middletown, Rhode Island since the late 1980s, having been located in East Providence prior to this. Now, with the continued growth and demand for AVID audio solutions, we’ve recently expanded our operations by partnering with a full-service warehouse facility in California.

Read on to learn how AVID is building a warehouse network that delivers results.

Building a warehouse network

We’re very excited about making this move because it will gradually allow us to shrink turnaround times, keep up with an increased amount of orders, and offer the best service we can. To gain a better understanding of how we chose the shipping facility, as well as what this means for our customers, partners, and our future, we spoke with Connor Burns, Production & Material Control Manager at AVID.

As the PMC Manager, Connor oversees the logistics team that handles product fulfillment and therefore instrumental in selecting a new shipping and product fulfillment location in California to better serve our western territories.

“As we have gotten closer to our end customers, we have had the need to have our distribution network be more broad in order to have a wider reach with shorter transit times to our customers,” Connor explains, “We looked around the west coast and even more inland in places like Dallas and Salt Lake City, but we found that the lead time and cost savings to go directly to Southern California would not only help AVID but would also allow us to be more flexible to fulfill the needs of our customers.”

In the end, AVID chose LA-based partner AMS Fulfillment by looking at the capabilities and reach of each prospective partner and eventually whittled that list down to only a few and then from there one of the largest factors was the culture fit.

“We knew that we would be reliant on our 3rd party warehouse and would require a ton of communication,” says Connor, “So an alignment on culture and the quality of the people that we would be working with were ultimately a huge factor that led us in the direction that we took.”

Ramping up shipping capabilities

As AVID’s warehouse network grows, the intention is also to grow our capabilities and shipping options. “We are working toward the ability to offer same day shipping,” Connor expounds, “This may not differ from how we are currently servicing our eastern customers, however with our systems being integrated we will likely have the ability to fulfill shorter order processing time for customers in western time zones. We are also working to grow our e-commerce presence, which could push us in a place where it makes sense to offer same day shipping.”

US-based customers will be able to feel the advantages of AVID’s enhanced shipping capabilities right away. According to Connor, those who are west of Texas will be able to receive their orders much quicker and in the instance that a customer is paying for freight, they will pay less if they are closer to Los Angeles than Rhode Island.

With this network in place, AVID will also be able to cover all 48 states in the continental US with 2-3 days shipping time on smaller orders, which is a major shift from just shipping out of one facility—enabling us to fulfill our customers needs better.

Delivering Results

In that regard, AVID Products has always strived to be a company that provides the highest quality of service and we feel that this new warehouse will provide us with the necessary resources to better support our partners and customers. As Connor puts it, “AVID is excited about the new additions to our network, and is looking forward to continuing a mutually beneficial relationship with AMS and learn how we can best serve those who we do business with.”

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