Why Headphones and Technology in the Classroom are So Important

Today’s students easily adapt to rapidly changing technology. Incorporating these advances into the classroom environment is vital for a variety of reasons. As AVID has attuned to the evolving needs of the Education market, we have found the following points to be the most motivating factors that guide our EdTech research and development.

Enhances the Classroom Environment

Educators and students are able to harness a variety of medium via EdTech to complement lesson plans, school assignments or projects to create a diverse learning environment.

Easily Links Teachers to Students

No matter what age group students may fall in, technology in the classroom effectively transforms the way educators and students communicate.

Allows for Better Focus in Testing Environments

Utilizing headphones or headsets for testing situations are beneficial for not only listening comprehension and speech, but for dampening surrounding noise and distractions to help students concentrate. 

Customizes Learning Experience

EdTech allows teachers to provide more assistance to those students who require extra attention or to create a curriculum that lets them learn at their own pace.

Fosters Collaboration

Technology allows students to work closely together for group projects and assignments, it also provides a way to share ideas by linking devices.

Teaches Online Etiquette

Students gain more knowledge concerning their digital footprint and learn valuable lessons in how to communicate in a shared, structured environment.

Instills a Sense of Ownership

Allowing students to have their own device, headphone or headset for the school year helps them develop a sense of responsibility.


For over 60 years, AVID has proudly been providing high quality, durable headphones, headsets and supplemental technology solutions to the Education market. Our team takes pride in being a valued partner as we continue to evolve as technology advances.

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Elizabeth Woodard

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