AVID Collaboration Brings Content to Kids Demand for Kid-Friendly Content Rises During Coronavirus Quarantine

As the effects of COVID-19 caused schools to close their doors earlier this year, educators, parents and students had to quickly ensure they had the proper tools to begin engaging within a remote curriculum. For younger children, it became especially important for parents to seek out kid-friendly online content that was not only entertaining, but educational, to occupy kids as they adjusted to their new routine.

AVID Collaborates with Fingerprint Digital and Encore Data Products for Kidomi Promotion

As part of the effort to supply kids with high quality and appropriate online content, AVID partnered with Fingerprint Digital and Certified AVID Reseller Encore Data Products to offer a free three-month subscription to Kidomi. Kidomi is an all-in-one super app featuring kid-friendly award-winning games, videos and books. Watch the video below to see the Kidomi promotion in action!

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